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Online Consultant  Online Live Chat Virtual Assistant

Online Live Chat Virtual Assistant is a web-based popup chat between site user and company manager who helps him understand information about a product that is displayed on a web-page the popup chat is initiated on.

It is absolutely FREE now for personal use only! Just register and include html code to your web site. If you want customize the component to meet the design of your website - contact us to discuss special terms for you. If you are commercial people - you need to enroll a subsciption by link:

Add our Online Live Chat Virtual Assistant web based solution to your web site and help online users to become your business clients!

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online consultant chat button
Online Live Chat Virtual Assistant button is placed to the right to open/close the chat dialog.

online consultant client chat dialog
Online Live Chat Virtual Assistant dialog is shown after some time elapsed or the button is clicked.

chat dialog prompts client to leave his personal data to contact him later when a manager will be online

An attempt to let client leave its personal contact data.

Manager Private Area

online consultant manager dashboard screenshot

Interactive chat list with client data and status. There are features to initiate a conversation with active clients that are on website or get access last messages. Chat rows with unread messages are marked to show you updated in real time.

online consultant manager chat with client screenshot

The chat between a client and a manager in real time. There is a feature to track client status, see when he types a message or audio signal when a new message is received.

Features and Goals:
  • Chat messages are stored and you everytime can access them using chat room url from a email message notification sent.
  • Chat dialog instance is tracked through page to page user navigation so if user navigates to another page - dialog chat is kept.
  • Page title and url info is stored so you can see what page user browses.

Online Consultant Telegram Bot

Online Consultant Telegram Bot Stay connected with website visitors using Telegram Online Consultant bot - you can create private chat or group with colleagues, register a website associated to your consultant account and the @onwebot will transfer client messages directly to the chat and you or your colleague could reply to them using the bot. @onwebot

Provide us in the form below some information about your company, web-site and person who will communicate with online web-site users. We will register your info and give you html code snippet to insert into your web-site html body.

chat dialog is shown to initiate client contact your manager
Client initiates a chat dialog on your web-site page.

email message notification
Manager receives email message with chat link.

client and manager communicate online over web sockets.
Client and Manager communicate online

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