Software Development Services

We develop information systems and specialize in several world-wide needed software development technology stack mostly from Microsoft.

Our passion is to make as better optimized apps as needed or required. We like to work with distributed systems where not just one server used and website consists of several servers - database server, web server, caching server, file server, cdn and others.

Windows Applications
  • .NET Framework C#/F#
  • Windows Desktop/WPF
  • Windows Services
  • Windows Communication Foundation - WCF
  • C++/Native library/dll integrations
ASP.NET Web Applications
  • ASP.NET Web Forms Applications
  • ASP.NET MVC Web Applications
  • Web API and Web Services
  • Html/JavaScript/CSS Web Core Technologies
  • nopCommerce
Windows Mobile and Modern Apps
  • Windows Phone
  • Windows Metro/8/10
  • Universal Apps
  • XAML
Database Development and Management
  • SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • Enity Framework/NHibernate/ORM
Web Development
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • AJAX
  • jQuery
  • Backbone/AngularJS
  • Performance Issues
  • IIS deploy and configuration
  • Consulting
  • Cryptography and Encryption / FIPS / openssl
  • Best Practice and Patterns
  • Git

Software Development Services

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